July 20, 2017



My name is Eugene Solyanov. I am developer with more than 14 years of experience, including more than 10 years in game development and 4 years in mobile game development. Most of time I worked as system programmer of game engines. So I have experience working at various aspects of game engines. Also I was involved in development such title as Captain Blood, Deep Black, War Thunder. My biggest achievement is developed own cross-platform IDE for creation of mobile games and applications for iOS and Android. Workable build of IDE can be found at GitHub.

Currently I decide to start to write brand new game engine witch I called Atum. All code of Atum will be open-source. Also I will be write articles witch helps understand code and I hope that this articles will be useful for new by programmers who want to learn how to write system code of game engine.

Source code of Atum located at GitHub